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Dating is Hard

I feel wrong in every possible way. It’s been a while since my friend recommend me to try dating apps. One day, I decided to give a shoot because ok, why not? However, after weeks try this swiping games (yes, I used tinder) then I realize something. Dating is hard.

Why dating is hard?
It is mental games. It has possibility to ruin my daily basis. BAPER.

Dating is hard because I need to start over. Something that I like to post-pone for a long time. I should introduce myself. I should ask question, to make me look that I’m interested on him. In some point, the conversation went very cold. I barely could pretend that I’m interested on talking. So it will go dry, the end. Then I should start over, with different person. *sigh

I don’t think I am good at this. On 1 to 10 scale, I am on 3. Relationship is something that I’m not good at. Failed many times make a good excuse that somehow low self esteem will popping up in the near future. I afraid to fail. I afraid to start. That’s why daring is hard. Even it is not a real dating. *sigh

Liking someone, just for hating him next year, adalah sangat melelahkan. Love always been a mystery for me. I am so tired.


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