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March oh March.

Writing is a part of my healing process. Writing helps me to understand reality that I faced. Tapi kali ini, rasanya saya ingin diam saja. Tidak mau banyak menulis, tidak mau sembuh. Rasanya saya ingin sakit saja selamanya!

Maret tahun lalu, saya mengalami kejadian patah hati yang lebih parah dari ini. Di bulan yang sama, kenapa tahun ini patah hati lagi? Waktu itu saya bilang,”Saya tidak mau kenal lelaki lagi, saya lelah.” Dan kemudian saya terjatuh lagi. Saya jatuh cinta lagi, saya sayang sama orang lagi, hanya untuk patah hati kembali. Siklus. Life. Actually, I ask for it. It just appeared in my front door, knocked, then I welcomed it. The rest is history.

What’s wrong with me?

I am human. That’s why. When he said I am too arrogant to be his partner, that’s hurt. How could somebody sacrifice her (in my case, it’s me as woman) time, money, heart for one man that lived far away? Arrogant didn’t match sacrifice ‘word’. Wrong interpretation and lack of communication, it made us grow apart. He is with his new life, and I am still who I am. Every body’s changing but I don’t feel the same.



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This entry was posted on March 9, 2017 by in Saya pernah patah hati.

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Was visiting village named Kajang with their humble local tribe live there. We should wearing all black colour, no shoes, no camera, no phone, no electricity and so on. Eery but I felt calmness in the same time. After bare foot's walking, we met Amatuwa (tribe  leader) and got his permission to shake his hand (which is rare) then  explore more inside the village. What a day! :D

#kajang #makassar #bulukumba #forest #exploremore #barefoots Today <3

#makassar #bulukumba #ujungpandang #sulawesi #sulsel Above.

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#makassar #ujungpandang #aerialview #sulawesiselatan Kembar identik. Itu pohon kembang apaan ya? Cakep ya matching sama bangunan belakangnya 💗

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Ini roti srikaya andalan Purnama. Soft kenyel-kenyel gitu. Paling juara sih es kopinya. Enakan es kopi ini daripada Es Kopi Susu Tak Kie yang Glodok Jakarta. 
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#bandung #artdeco #architexture #bandungwalkingtour #citytour #brightday #ocbcnisp #kotakembang #kotakenangan



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