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Economy Crisis in early 2016

I start my January with fund crisis. Lack of money and insecurity. I could say it is the worst condition to start a new year. Seriously, where is all the money gone?

One : I have vacation during Christmas. Two nights, three days.

The thing is, it was a low budget trip. I was spending nights on my friend’s house. And in one of three days, I follow the family to swim, eat, stroll around without pay anything. So, even a low budget trip will cause me ‘suffer’ in following month? Crap.

Two : My business condition isn’t well during December 2015

I don’t have any trip during a month. Two reason : nobody booked it and I just too lazy to do anything in rainy season. I feel like wanna have a break and forget about my business. It had a lot of national holiday and everybody including me wanna go out, at least stay at home and just sleep, eat, watch TV, and repeat. It felt good but make me feel worse now. On November 2015, I was spend too much money for branding, around 3 – 4 million rupiah, and not return quickly. So, the snow ball effect happened on the following month (December) until January 2016.

But I think what happen during November – December 2015 is not a failure. I will have another November and December this year, so it leave me a deep tattoo on my mind : I must be careful on last semester within a year.

Now, should I feel scare about my unlucky fund situation?

At first, yes. That’s why I don’t wanna talk about it earlier on this blog. I did a calculation how much money I should spend this month and it leave me uneasy feeling. I can’t go to coffee shop or even buy a one dollar chicken noodle within a month. I must be careful on my money.

And after I wrote this, no, I don’t wanna continue it. I will not feel scare anymore. The fact is true, I don’t have enough money now. But I still have another eleven months ahead, it should be something I can do, something I feel happy to do, something I must prepare, something I believe in.

Better late than never, so it is my wish for me and everybody who read this blog : I wish we have happy mind and can be a better person. Always listen your own heart while your head is heading up. Happy New Year 2016! XoXo

Don't forget to laugh!

Don’t forget to laugh!



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This entry was posted on January 7, 2016 by in Life.

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