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Extrovert, switch off

Kata orang, introvert itu tertutup, pendiem, gak banyak tingkah, dan gak suka musik keras. Hmmm…bertahun-tahun gue ini dibilang bawel, gak bisa berhenti ngomong, banyak tingkah, suka cari masalah, seneng musik disko (Animals-nya Martin G. enak bgt cuy!), and so on and so on.

Cuma sebenarnya I was an introvert on my younger self, di masa-masa sekolah, and then was taking extrovert side when I was in college until now. Beberapa waktu belakang, malah merasa lelah. Seriusan lelah. Sepertinya gue membohongi diri sendiri dengan bertemu banyak orang, diskusi, rame-ramean….melelahkan. I miss my old self, who was selfish, bookish, and rarely talking with friends. -___-a

Extrovert, switch off. Now, my introvert part wanna show off. Be quiet. Be selfish. Don’t ever care about what people say. Mind yourself. You can’t please anybody. Don’t hurt yourself. So, until next year! (:

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Save the best for the last. 
I like chocolate and ice cream, it's perfect match!

#sweettooth #homemade #chocolate #icecream #instafoodies #nicedinner I don't know when will posting these stuff. So now forgive me for spamming your timeline. 
It's so Italian. Looks good on cam but not my fav

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