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Lawang Sewu

Sepertinya sudah banyak yang bercerita tentang Lawang Sewu ya?

Saya banyak memotret di Lawang Sewu, tapi tempat yang paling berkesan malah yang tidak saya abadikan dalam foto. Ada tempat yang hanya bagus bila direkam dalam ingatan, Lawang Sewu salah satunya. Tulisan mengenai Lawang Sewu juga sudah banyak, perlukah saya lanjutkan menulis tentang tempat ini lagi? Hmm..sedikit saja ya and please let me explain with my not-so-good English, are you ready? 😀

Something you need to know about Lawang Sewu, for travelers  who never been  there before.

1. Ticket price IDR 10k, open hours 9 am – 10 pm. Yes, they provide night tour for you. They said if you come at night you will see supranatural thing for sure. For SURE.

Lawang Sewu Ticket

Lawang Sewu Ticket

2. Guide fee/person IDR 10k, but you can go by yourself if you want to. I think for first timer, you better go with  tour guide, its worth to spend little money to know better about the place, and do not have to worry about getting lost. Big place. Not just Big, but spooky place, Big Spooky Place.

Lawang Sewu with it two towers

Lawang Sewu with it two towers

3. Lawang Sewu have old jail on basement area. You must rent a booth shoes for go down there, its full of water. IDR 50k for three booth shoes and guiding fee. I tell you, do NOT go down by yourself, because there is spookiest place at Lawang Sewu.

When Holland build Lawang Sewu, basement area function was for chilling building only, so normally basement will full of water. But, when Japan came to Indonesia, around 1942 year, they changed it function for people jail. Squating Jail, people squat in very small place, even their neck can not up straight easily. Standing Jail, people standing in small tiny place, all you can do is just standing and standing.  No food, no water, urinate, defecate on Japanese jail.

You must see it by yourself, I can not tell more.

Where is Lawang Sewu?

Right in front of Tugu Muda Semarang.

Where is Tugu Muda?

Ok, let me explain. Do you know Simpang Lima? No? Ok then you can check it on google maps. Ha!

Simpang Lima is the center of Semarang city, from Simpang Lima you can walking toward Pandanaran Street around  1-2 km,  and you will see a crossroads with little park there.

Tugu Muda, taken right in front of Lawang Sewu

Tugu Muda, taken right in front of Lawang Sewu

Nah, the center of crossroads is a stone monument, its called Tugu Muda.

When you see Tugu Muda, you also can see Lawang Sewu, because its stand in front of Tugu Muda.

That’s Lawang Sewu!

That’s Lawang Sewu!

Lawang Sewu, taken from Pemuda Street at night. Photo courtesy : Bayu

Lawang Sewu, taken from Pemuda Street at night. Photo courtesy : Bayu

Ha, I was not planed to write too much, but surprisingly ends up with this long written review.

Well, mudah-mudahan tulisan ini bisa membantu kamu-kamu yang memang belum pernah ke Semarang, kalau pergi ke Semarang jangan lupa main ke Lawang Sewu ya! 😉







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